Life in Color Convention Closing Party September 29 at 8-10 PM
If you could be described by one color, what would it be?

Surely you have a favorite. And certainly there’s a color that describes you. Maybe it’s one and the same. Either way, it’s time to decide once and for all what color you are, and get ready to show it off!

You’re invited to Life in Color, the closing party at the ASEA 2017 Global Convention. Whatever color you choose, plan your party outfit in that color, and ONLY that color. Come dressed head to toe as the color you are!

Life in Color Party | Red Personailities
Life in Color | Orange Personalities
Life in Color | Yellow Personalities

Don’t see yourself in any of these? Maybe you’re a sophisticated, mysterious black or a vivacious, vibrant pink. Go for it!

This party is going to be a panoply of pigment. We can’t wait to see your unique hue!

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