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Event Speakers

The top leaders in the industry call ASEA home. Learn from corporate experts who know the ins and outs of network marketing, and who are constantly raising the bar to create a better business-building experience for you.

Tyler Norton


Charles F. Funke

Chief Executive Office

Jarom Webb


Justin Wilson

Senior Vice President of Global Sales

Karen Reilley

Regional VP of Sales U.S. and Canada

Becky Cox

Vice President of Global Marketing

Guest Speakers

Braam Malherbe

Business Coach, Adventurer, and Conservationist

For extreme adventurer Braam Malherbe, there’s always a purpose. Whether he’s running the length of the Great Wall or the South African coastline, or rowing his way from Cape town to Rio, Braam inspires change. His world-firsts raise awareness as well as financial support for charities and conservation causes. Braam is an author and inspiring motivational speaker.

Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S.

Functional and Integrative Medicine Expert

Award-winning author Ann Louise Gittleman tackles topics such as diet, detox, women’s health, men’s health, perimenopause, menopause, beauty and the environment. She is internationally recognized as a pioneer in dietary, environmental, and women’s health issues and has been featured in national publications and on national television.

Breakout Sessions

The Three F-Words of Success

Clay Stevens, Author, Business Building Pro

A 25-year veteran of the network marketing industry, Clay Stevens is an industry mentor, a Fortune 500 corporate trainer, and a personal effectiveness coach. He has developed some of the most effective tools in direct sales. He is the author of four books, owns four patents for instructional methodologies and game-development technologies, and has won national awards for multimedia training programs.

7 Steps to Duplication

April Yuan, Ambassador Diamond Executive

They rose through the ranks quickly—find out how! Harry and April Yuan stuck to the basics and made it big. Now they’re here to tell you the seven steps that helped them break records. Whether you’re just starting your ASEA business or you’re a seasoned member wanting to grow a little faster, this breakout will give you the tools you’re looking for.

Prospecting with Social Media

Tammi Gates, Ambassador Double Diamond Executive

The world has changed—make sure your prospecting changes with it! Tammi Gates will teach you how to leverage the power of social media to build your business. You’ll come away armed with strategies for growing your network and finding the people who are looking for you.

Overcoming Objections

Oddmund Berger, Triple Diamond Executive

Want to be a better recruiter? Get used to hearing the word no—and knowing what to say next! This session will give you practical tools for handling the most common objections, plus you’ll walk away with a new understanding of what an objection is, why it happens, and why it’s not a big deal. This key skill will help you communicate better, recruit more, and build bigger.

Make Your Virtual Office Work for You

Jerry & Marcia White, Ambassador Diamond Executive
You have a vision for the people you enroll—but how does that vision match up with theirs? And is your vision big enough to inspire? Jerry White will teach you the game-plan interview, a strategy you’ll want to use with every new associate! You’ll learn how to measure someone’s starting point and match it with their goals, plus know how to help them grow.

Just Make up Your Mind!

Trish Schwenkler, Presidential Diamond Executive

Skillsets (what you do and say) are important, but your mindset (how you think) is critical! Having the right mindset creates a rock-solid foundation for a successful ASEA business. In this breakout you will discover seven critical mindsets that, when properly applied to your business, will make a massive difference to your success!

Business Building Behaviors That Win

Deni Robinson, Presidential Diamond Executive
Succeeding big starts small. As one of ASEA’s highest-ranking associates, Deni Robinson knows that the key is in daily habits, and she’ll tell you what those are! You’ll come away with specific practices you can incorporate now that will bring you success months—and even years!—down the road.

The Rhythm of Your Business

Terry Latham, Triple Diamond Executive
The best way to go fast is when you’re already going fast. And there’s a rhythm to it. Terry Latham will train you on simple daily activities that will drive rhythm into your business-building momentum as well as ways to pick up the tempo for future growth and success.

Does It Work? 3 Things to Know about the Comp Plan

Chris Gullo, Triple Diamond Executive
The ASEA compensation plan is simple and workable, and Chris Gullo is going to show you how to make the most of it! He’ll teach three simple things: how to leverage the Fast Start Bonus for a fast $500, how to use duplication to create residual income, and how to advance in rank. Come for the info, and leave inspired!

Less Talk, More Biz

Reidun Bohn, Ambassador Diamond Executive
Most people have a concern you can solve! You just need to find out what that is. Building a sustainable business means less talking and more listening. Reidun Bohn will give you valuable tips on how to listen, identify pain points, and offer solutions. When others know you are interested in helping them, they will want to be part of your team.

No? No Big Deal!

David Silverman, Triple Diamond Executive
Every business builder has moments of uncertainty. Come hear from one of ASEA’s best recruiters how to build rock-solid belief in four critical areas. You’ll leave ready to build the confidence you need to not only attract the best business partners but to be completely unaffected by the word no.

Build Your Story

Tim & Cheryl Falkner, Platinum Executive
Remember the moment you knew ASEA was for you? That’s the starting point for your ASEA story. But there’s much more to sharing it than you might think! Tim & Cheryl Falkner will tell you how to craft the most powerful and effective telling of your ASEA experience in a way that will pique and keep anyone’s interest.

Panel Discussions

Talkin’ ‘bout My Generation

Marco Ricchuiti, Alicson Knowland, Alyssa Robinson Favreau, Morten Dam, Rashelle and Keith Wheatley
Say what you will about millennials—they are moving and shaking the business world! We’ve invited a handful of our own successful associates in the 18 – 34 age range to share how they approach business building and what you need to know about partnering with the people who will propel your business into the future.

The Power of Women in Business

Cindy Buck, Debbie Wetzler, Terri Malmed, Melissa Kotter, Jesca Maas
Women are leading out in business more often and more fiercely than ever before. Come and hear from some of ASEA’s most powerful business women! They’ll share their insights into entrepreneurship, discuss the unique challenges women face in the business world, and tell you how they’re molding the landscape for future success.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Nancy Thunell, Silvia Fontana, Bo Buck, Chuck Gates, Paul Taira, Dan Doyle
It really does happen right here at ASEA. We’ve invited a handful of our most successful builders to share their successes—and some of the pitfalls—they’ve encountered on their way to the top. If you’re serious about success, don’t miss these tips!

The Redox Effect

Dr. Maureen Hayes, Dr. Foster Malmed, Dr. Karl Smith, Shawn Burke
Some of the finest in the medical field have come together as a board of ASEA associates. Come hear our very own medical professionals tell you how the stand-alone category ASEA Redox Supplement created is not only making a difference in the lives of their patients, but blazing new trails in wellness.

Diamond within Reach

Malcolm Sword, Evadne Yu King, Caroline Lifvenforth, Bart Kotter, Sissel Andersen, Lourene Bevaart, Leland Duyck
Want to become ASEA’s next Diamond Executive? Since our last convention, 17 people have done it, and a handful of those trailblazers are here to tell you how. It’s less complicated than you may think! Learn firsthand how to rise to the top with proven steps to advance in rank.

Powered By ASEA

ASEA Athletes Panel
Ever wonder what ASEA does for a professional athlete’s body? Right here is where you find out! You’ll hear personal experiences from Olympic swimmers Cody Miller and Breeja Larson, IRONMAN triathletes Dexter Yeats and Christainn Arbini, and XTERRA triathletes Cody and Kathy Waite.

Partnerships that Inspire Change: Advancing Life Foundation

ASEA just completed two successful expeditions to Ecuador to build a vocational center with CHOICE Humanitarian. We’ve also joined the fight against child sex slavery—part of a global $32 billion black market hiding in plain sight. Our partner is Operation Underground Railroad, founded in 2013 and already making significant strides to bring down this organized crime ring and rescue innocent victims. Come and find out more about O.U.R.’s heroic efforts and how you can get involved.

Shaking Things Up

Dr. Darren Weissman, Patrick Lauren, Sepp Hock, Sally Dymond, Jim Glenn
ASEA has some go-getter Bronze – Platinum Executives are making big things happen in their businesses! Come find out how they’re making the ASEA opportunity work as they build part-time business opportunities into full-time careers.

ASEA Athletes

Christiann Arbini

Ironman Triathlete

Team Waite

Champion XTERRA Triathletes

Shawn Burke

IRONMAN Triathlete

Dexter Yeats

IRONMAN Triathlete

Cody Miller

Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

Breeja Larson

Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer

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