SEPT. 25-26

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Introducing Webvention!

This year marks ASEA’s 10th anniversary, and we’ve been excited about the opportunity for all of us to get together in Anaheim, California, to celebrate this milestone. Given the status of COVID-19-enacted restrictions around the world—particularly in California where our annual event was planned to be held and where restrictions have been among the most stringent in the United States—we have decided that a virtual conference is in the best interest of our global community. While your safety and well-being are absolutely paramount for us, so too is your ability to learn even more about our products, to benefit from world-class training that can support and drive your business, and to connect with others in the ASEA global community who can support your growth.

webvention registration

We’re pleased to let you know that the price of individual registration has been reduced from $299 to $79. Visit the registration site to quickly and easily reserve your Webvention spot.

If you have already registered for the Anaheim Convention, we will refund the difference to you. The original method of payment should be credited by June 19. Please note that, if you purchased a ticket from someone else, you will need to reach out to that person for your portion of that refund. A full refund is available by contacting Associate Support by July 31.

This year’s virtual Convention—Webvention—will take place September 25 and 26 and is being planned with all of these components in mind. Webvention will feature a lineup of captivating and knowledgeable speakers, a wealth of in-depth product-related content, and opportunities for professional and business development. In addition, we will kick off our 10-year celebration at Webvention. That celebration will then extend through most of next year and will culminate at our Convention in September 2021.

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Our refund will appear on your bank statement 7-10 days following the processing of the refund. All current ticket holders will have had their refund processed by June 19th, 2020. All current ticket holders will be credited the difference of ticket purchase in their local currency by this date.

If they purchased a 10 pack, they will get the refund for the difference for each ticket. They will still have the 10 pack that they are managing.

If you purchased a ticket from someone else, you will need to reach out to that person for your portion of that refund. Unfortunately, we are not able to issue a refund to you because the system has your ticket finances connected to the original ticket holder.

Requests for a full refund must be submitted to associate support by July 31st, 2020. After this date, we will not be issuing refunds and you will need to sell your ticket to another person by September 11th.

September 11th, 2020 is the last date for any name changes.

If they have already assigned names to the ticket they will remain on the tickets, nothing has changed.

Tickets cannot be applied to the 2021 Convention.

  • Access to the live convention feed
  • 30-day access to on demand viewing of all convention content
  • Access to the convention store
  • Access to convention recognition
  • Access to convention sales or promotions
  • Hear all convention announcements first

English & Mandarin. Any other languages will need a minimum of 50 persons registered to provide that language

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